BOE of Satoria Group and a mother of 3 beautiful children, Ivi Santoso, is mindful in what she does every day even though she has her hands full. “Try to educate ourselves everyday about the situation instead of just believing everything we hear,” she says. She values the quiet time in the morning to plan for the day with a cup of coffee. “I think it’s important to start our day with positive vibes so that the rest of our day will go well,” she continues.

In her free time, she shares her love of fashion and her parenting journey through her Instagram account. With her classic and elegant style, she captivates her followers. Talking about style, she finds colorful colors help to boost her mood. “I love masklab’s mask pattern so much! I like the KF Series style because it covers the face nicely and is also very comfortable to wear,” she says.

As an avid traveler, she wishes to travel the world when the pandemic ends. “Be smart, be safe, and always be grateful. But most importantly, be kind,” says Ivi who further emphasizes the things that we need to focus on during this pandemic.

Photo courtesy of Ivi Santoso. Featured mask: “JOY” masklab x Maeli Studios

Ivi Santoso is wearing Virginia Dress by Poise 24