‘90s Revival: Denim Days

Reminiscing the days when a simple jeans and cool top reigned the 1990’s era, the rise of pop culture and alternative rock, has curated three new KF Series masks to be included in the exclusive collection, ‘90s Revival: Denim Days. Introducing Retro Blue, Misty Cloud and Winter Aconite. 

Naturally versatile, Retro Blue is perfect for your weekend companion. Put on your best denim and white t-shirt, and polish the look with Retro Blue. 

What’s more subtly fancy and chic than the color of beige? Misty Cloud serves sophistication when you’re out and about for work or a smart-casual event. 

Winter Aconite is made for that cool and groovy personality. It’s a match made in heaven for Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim) look or khaki with cute ‘90s vibe tees. Think of Gwen Stefani and “In Bloom” by Nirvana, kind of vibes. Winter Aconite serves an easy Sunday, fashion forward look.