Mita Soedarjo and Maruli Tampubolon

masklab asked the lovely couple, Mita Soedarjo and Maruli Tampubolon about the post-pandemic dream plans and what makes them going during these trying times. “Holiday mode with the family without worrying about a thing,” said the couple about the first thing they would do when the pandemic is over. They also feel grateful for all the little things we used to take for granted, such as waking up in the morning after a good rest, “To be able to sleep soundly is a blessing!”

Mita and Maruli also hope that we would care more for others, being thankful and more grateful despite the current pandemic condition. “These hard times shall pass and let’s do the best we can to survive,” says Mita. When we asked the couple about how they feel on masklab’s latest collections, “We’re happy to find a brand that covers all requirement for a healthy lifestyle during this pandemic.”